Overmars Advisory
and Logistics Sarl

Overmars Advisory and Logistics (OAL Group or the company) is a 360 degree financial and business strategy advisory company with special emphasis on investments, Wealth generation and Economic growth in West Africa. With a formidable B2B advisory model and experience in circa 5 cities in Africa,  the company has brokered various business deals ranging from intra and inter country Oil and Gas projects, Capital mobilization for Trading and Transportation activities, Payments solutions, Real Estate, Franchising and so on.

 OAL Group is a solution providing company straddling opportunities in the various financial hubs in West Africa to create value for our clients and fostering partnerships between African countries and the international communities. Our longterm objective is to ensure growth of indigenously owned companies, support foreign investments and ultimately grow local economies through decisive but careful stewardship of capital formation and use, investment in social and alternative assets and Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

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