What We Do

How we are Positioned?

  • Flexible products that allow our customers to choose how they want to be served
  • Trail blazing and bridging the chasm between the Anglophone and Francophone markets
  • End to end value proposition to strategy – crafting – execution – go to market approach.
  • Our approach is value based and result is pegged on the realization of value
  • Our structure/Corporate finance capabilities put the rubber to the road for our customers
  • We have assembled a strong team covering diverse segments in tune with business models today
  • Good research, development and innovation capabilities
  • The ability to deliver high-quality products/services.

Integrated Anchor

This approach provides a 360 degree view of the business. It allows for bespoke solutions that will synchronize strategy execution across the various business units; looking through a single lens. This encompasses corporate strategy, business unit strategy, tactical initiatives, brand strategy, innovation etc.

Retainership Contract

This alongside the Integrated anchor are our bespoke engagement model for the market. It allows for flexibility of the business to outsource its strategy functions to us on a day to day basis. It is built on a “fit for purpose” platform.

Classic Pitch

This is a drill down approach of the business along specific lines i.e. corporate strategy, business unit strategy etc. This allows for these areas to be looked at in isolation, allowing for detailed review. It is the classic approach to strategy and could be a powerful options to get a business on a good footing.

Market Targets

Product Targets

Target Locations